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Who We Are

We are New Bedford.  We live, work, and play in this City and want it to thrive.  We believe that housing is a key component to the future of our community, and we recognize that housing is becoming a scarce commodity.  Our goal is to provide a community voice to better inform government, policy, and development.  We also want to inform the public about the opportunities, needs, and responsibilities necessary for a thriving housing market in New Bedford.

Our group has an open membership of people and organizations that believe, that by working together, communicating effectively, and having a smart plan we will ensure that New Bedford’s housing future is bright for all residents.

We are a new group that works in conjunction with numerous organizations throughout the community.  Our leadership is developing and we are always welcoming members.  Some of our Partners Include:

Shane Burgo, NB City Council

Carl Alves, CEO PAACA (Coordinator)

Rev. David Lima, GNB Inter-Church Council

Susan Remy, Child & Family Services

Marcelina Pina-Christian, Human Relations Commission

Geovanny Sequiera - Community Services

Michael Jackman, Rep. Keating's Office

Helena Marques-Hughes, Immigrants Assistance Center

New Bedford Housing Authority

CMK Development Partners

UIA Partners

Human Relations Commission New Bedford




Child & Family Services

City of New Bedford OHCD/HSPN

City of New Bedford, Planning Department

Coalition for Social Justice 

Coastline Elderly

Community Action for Better Housing

Congressman Bill Keating MA-09

Congressman Keating’s office

Institute for 21st Century Agoras 

Inter-Church Council 

Inter-Church Council 


MA House of Representatives 

Mercy Meals & More

Mercy Meals & More

Municipal Planning

NB Housing Authority

New Bedford

New Bedford Shannon Program, NAACP NB

NorthStar Learning Centers, Inc.

Office of State Representative Antonio F.D. Cabral




PACE, Inc.

Realtor Assocuation of Southeastern Massachusetts



The New Bedford Light

The Standard Times

Unger Leblanc Communications

United Interfaith Action of Souteastern



and the list continues to grow. 

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